The Slow Murder of an American President…..

The treatment of Donald Trump by the media is to be expected. The treatment by members in his own party I must admit has taken me by surprise although according to Rush Limbaugh he expected it from the very beginning. The three amigos who killed the healthcare bill (Murkowski Collins & Mccain ) are on record as early as 18 mths or so ago railing against Obama care saying the only thing we could do to save the healthcare system & the economy was a “total” repeal ,they were not even talking replacement at that point. Fast forward to July 27th & 28th 2017 and in a stunning reversal of campaign promises made by all three senators they saved Obama care from the chopping block and betrayed the American people.

While this vulgar display of hypocrisy & betrayal seems shocking enough it speaks to the larger question of whether we are allowed to pick our own leaders. Regardless of how you feel about Donald Trump he was “elected”by a majority of the country(I know,Hillary won the popular vote but look at the state count, not even close). We now have a minority party in Washington still calling the shots & sincerely hoping to remove the duly President from office with the help of that presidents own party. These republicans who are complicit in this hit job like Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse Thom Tillis, Lindsey Graham etc…etc. are committing treason when you boil it all down. Mccain has already signaled he will re introduce the gang of 8 bill rather than seriously consider Trumps “RAISE” act. Remember, the gang of 8 bill was a millstone around Rubio`s neck in the primary and basically advocates amnesty for the illegals in the country. I myself am sympathetic to the plight of Mexican Immigrants having visited Mexico and learned how little money they are able to make in their country but that is not an excuse for allowing millions of people to migrate into our country and in a large percentage of cases to immediately begin to collect welfare, food stamps & a multitude of other federal benefits paid for through taxation of “legal” American citizens. While compassion is a good thing, unfettered immigration of low skilled workers is good for the Democratic Party and large corporations.

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